Poise 116

1722 NW Raleigh St, Portland, OR 97209


Welcome to Poise Salon - We're all about Glam Therapy  

Our idea is to help people with their self-esteem. To make them shine from the inside out!


Self-Esteem: To make dreams come true

  • to ask her to marry you
  • to win him over
  • to ace that presentation
  • to get perfect scores on that exam
  • to win that race


Happiness: To celebrate everyday

  • enjoying a day with the pleasure of one's own company
  • going on a date with your companion
  • hosting a dinner party at home
  • going out with friends


Metamorphosis: To rid yourself of the past

  • when he has left you
  • when she found someone else
  • when you failed that test
  • when you were sick with the flu for a week
  • when you stop breastfeeding
  • when you need to go out and look for a new job


Our goal is to create a voucher system with existing public programs to help teens stay confident in school and to help adults stay confident in life.  


Poise 116 - 1722 NW Raleigh Street #116 - Portland, OR 97209, USA - 503-839-0370

We service Portland, OR